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Areas of Work

Braj has over 1000 ancient water bodies,locally called as Kunds. Out of these over 800 kunds are in dilapidated condition with not a drop of water. The Braj Foundation took the historic initiative to revive them all in the most scientific and professional manner. Till date Braj Foundation has created additional water retention capacity of 3 Lakh Cubic meters in the Braj region by desilting 36 ancient water bodies and they are now filled in with splashing water.

Each of this Kund is transcendental in nature because it has a history of thousands of years. According to local beliefs many of these kunds have curative value as well. These kunds are revered by Brajwasis and saints. They are scattered all over Braj. Hence revival of their cultural significance is essential for their long term survival. Only then will the local community ensure their protection. There are two aspects of Kund revival work;

  1. Desilting and ghat repairs to ensure sufficient water retention
  2. Beautification, landscape development, leela display through sculptures, shilalekh for depicting the history, irrigation facility for it’s trees and basic infrastructure for the care takers and pilgrims.

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