Akbarpur Saint Park, Akbarpur (Mathura)
Akbarpur Saint Park, Akbarpur (Mathura)

Project - Akbarpur Saint Park, Akbarpur (Mathura)

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Akbarpur Saint Park, Akbarpur (Mathura)

History of the site

It was here that the Mughal King Akbar came with his minister and well known classical singer Mia Tansen to seek the darshans of Swami Haridas in Vrindavan. In Indian history, Akbar is known as a compassionate ruler. When he came to Vrindavan, his entourage stayed in this village. It was here that King Akbar shed off his royal robe and wore the robes of the servant of Tansen since Swamiji would not have entertained someone attached with his high position and royal aura.He would allow only people who approached him with humility.

Banmali Kund or Akbar ka Taal

There is a huge water body situated right on the National Highway-2 besides the Ishwarchand Vidyasagar College of Engineering. There is a mention of this water body  in the Distt Memoirs of FS Grouse ( who was collector of Mathura towards the end of 19th centaury) in where he says, “At Akbarpur, by the roadside is a large and very deep bauli approached by a flight of seventy six steps, once cased with stones, which has now been almost all stripped off.” The reminiscence of the kund are seen here in dilapidated form. The brick in the structure are old lakhori bricks. According to the villagers the pond still has pakka ghats which are 2-3 feet under the silt.

Plight of the site

The Taal is almost in rectangular shape .  As per records the taal covers an area of 870 acres but currently the pakka taal is 125 m long and 90 m wide. Presently the taal is fully filled with silt and the catchments area is being encroached. On two sides a newly built school building is touching to the boundary of the taal. Currently the Taal is owned by Gram samaj. The condition of the Banmali kund has not changed since Mr Grouse made the above observation.

The Braj Foundation's efforts for the restoration of this Kund

The Braj Foundation identified the spot in 2005 and surveyed it in detail. We found out that vested interests were encroaching upon it’s catchment area. We approached the local administration and ensured it’s protection.

Proposed plan of making Akbarpur Saint Park

Braj has attracted the attention and reverence of a large number of saints out of which over six dozen have been of Muslim origin who dedicated themselves for Krishna Bhakti. Considering the historic importance of Akbarpur, we propose to create a Akbarpur Saint Park here.

The proposed theme park is in about 11 acres of land. We will have the poetry, composed by these saints, carved on stone slabs (Shilalaikh) and will be displayed aesthetically interwoven with natural groves and pathways.

The centre of the park will have an amphitheatre where composition of these saints will be presented every evening by various sufi or quwwali singers. In addition to this a diorama depicting Akbar’s disrobing himself, in order to present him as common man, will also find place here. The entire park will have pipe music which will mildly play the compositions of these saints such as Raskhan, Wahid, Insha,Taj Begum & Nazir Akberabadi etc.

The village Akbarpur marks the beginning of harmonious interaction between the Muslim Emperor Akbar and the Hindu Vaishnavite Saints and Seers which led to a large number of concessions and grants to Braj. This theme park will try to depict that aspect aswell. We need about Rs 2.48 crores for this project.

Once developed this site, will attract huge crowd because of its location, which is close to the NH2. All the tourists going to Vrindavan, Mathura, Goverdhan and Agra will find this spot most attractive and welcoming for a brief stop over. This will be an historic theme park for the future in Indian history because it would be the only one theme park dedicated to the renowned Muslim saints of Braj who enriched braj literature,mainly poetry, and thus served Lord Krishna with their world famous  compositions. It would be also a great ideal place to show the secularism of Indian culture.

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