Brahm Van, Chaumuha (Mathura)

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Brahm Van, Chaumuha (Mathura)

History of the site

It is here that the Brahma Vimohan Leela took place during Krishna’s time. Bewildered by the simplicity of child Krishna, Brahma the creator of universe, stole the calves and cowherd boys of Krishna. Realizing this, child Krishna expanded Himself into the same number of calves and cowherd boys and the life remained undisturbed in Braj.  Brahma realized his mistake and did some penance at the Brahma Jhaadi here (Chaumuha) and apologized to Krishna at this place. He did so after bathing in the nearby Chandra Sarovar (which has partly been restored by The Braj Foundation). Because of this pastime the village has been named Chaumuha, indicating four heads of Brahma.

There are only two temples of Brahma Ji in the world; one in Pushkar (Ajmer) and the other in Chaumuha. Once developed this site, Chaumuha will also become as famous as Pushkar and will draw huge crowd.

The Braj Foundation’s efforts for de-silting this Kund

Brahma Kund had huge deposits of silt and had lost in wilderness. Instead of kund, it had become a barren land.

The Braj Foundation identified this spot in 2006 and got the professional survey done of the site. Then a de-silting of this Kund was done. The survey of the ancient forest named Brahma Jhhadi (Van) has been done by the foundation.

Sculptures depicting this pastime of Krishna have been carved  and are ready to be installed after the landscaping is done.

Development Plan

The Braj Foundation identified this spot in 2006 and got the professional survey done of the site. The whole area was initially a barren land with infertile soil. In order to generate and sustain green cover on this dead forest, Foundation treated all 12 acres of soil with fertilisers to make it productive.

With the generous financial support from National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Braj Foundation is developing Brahm Van into a heritage tourist destination of national level. 20 feet tall trees of mango, sita-ashok, swarn champa, guava, gulmohar, peepal, etc. brought from South India has been planted at Brahm Van, for speedy greenery of the place. All these trees are associated with the pastimes of Krishna.

Dioramas depicting ‘Brahm Vimohan Leela’ has been installed right in the centre of this forest, in which Lord Brahma is sitting on knees seeking forgiveness from child Krishna, while cowherd boys are standing around them. Beautiful rockery has been constructed behind these dioramas and a lily pond has been developed in front of it, for the pleasure of devotees. Bilingual inscriptions in Hindi and English have been installed so that domestic and well as foreign devotees can know the glory of the place.

Facilities like paved parikrama marg, benches and chhattris are also under development for the comfort of devotees. The restoration works will be completed in couple of months.

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On Delhi Agra Road (NH 2), 135 Kms from New Delhi, Brahma Jhaadi and brahma Kund is located in the town of Chaumuha (Mathura), which is just before Chhatikara Turn-to Vrindavan on the Highway. The site is well connected by an approach road. The area of t

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