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Shiv Taal (Mathura)

History of the site

Shiv Taal has a significant historic and spiritual history behind it. Every year thousands of devotees visit here on Shiv raatri. During the last decade of nineteenth century, the then stationed British collector H F Grouse has given a beautiful description of Shiv Taal in his memoirs. Even the Varaha Purana mentions Shiv Taal as the historic site where Lord Shiva did penance.

This fairly large water pond was restored by Raja Patnimal in 17th century. It is located in the center of Mathura city

Plight of the Kund

The land around kund has been converted fully into urban habitation. However due to the fore wall around kund, it could remain protected. It has beautiful carved chattris made of Dholpur stone in the four corners  of the kund. One chattri and some rooms attach to that(which have been unaesthatically added) are under the possession of one of the Chaturvedi brothers, who claim ownership of this ancient structure.
Due to the very low water table in Mathura town, Shiv Taal is dried up. Sadly  enough a city drain has been diverted towards this kund by break opening of one side wall of the kund.

Braj Foundation’s effort

Considering its architectural beauty and historic importance The Braj Foundation took up this project in the year.. We convinced the Chaturvedi brothers to allow us to de-silt this kund, which they did after great reluctance. We de-silted the kund and removed thick layers of plastic begs and other garbage from it’s basin and more than a meter thick silt was removed. We then repaired the back wall so to stop the inflow of dirty drain water into this kund. We could not proceed further because of resistance of on e of the four brothers.

Beautification plan

Since filling the kund for whole year is practically not possible, our in house architects have advised that a smaller water body can be created at the bottom of the kund.

Rest of the existing structure can be decorated as amphitheatre, where every evening a sound and light show can be presented to the tourists coming to Mathura. We also have plans to keep it’s minimum water level with clean water.   


In the heart of Mathura city, this ancient kund is located at Sonkh Adda, near Mukund Palace.

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