Jai Kund, Jait (Mathura)
Jai Kund, Jait (Mathura)

Project - Jai Kund, Jait (Mathura)

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Jai Kund, Jait (Mathura)

History of site

This site is significant as it was here that Krishna killed the demon Aghasur, who had assumed the form of a python. Aghasur was the younger brother of Putna and Baksur, who were killed by Krishna previously. Once, while wandering here in Ajay Van, Aghasur saw Krishna and Sridama along with other cowherd friends and thought of avenging the murder of his siblings.

Latest pictures of the site

Thinking this, the Python lied down here with a gigantic body running for 10 miles, intending to swallow all the cowherd boys. Innocent cowherd boys perceived this as some new adventurous spot of Vrindavan and out of curiosity entered his mouth and died instantly. Lord Krishna too immediately entered the mouth of the fierce demon in order to save his friends.

Aghasur wanted to chew Lord Krishna along with his cowherd friends and cattle. But at the same time Krishna started expanding himself which choked the throat of the demon with eyes popping out in pain. Aghasur started wriggling and died within minutes.

Out of extreme joy, Brajwasis then acclaimed Lord Krishna by shouting “Nandlal ki Jai” (victory to the son of Nand). It was so loud that their voice echoed back after touching Vaikunth, hence creating a huge kund here. Since then the Kund is known as ‘Jai Kund’ and the village is known as ‘Jait’.

Millions of tourists and pilgrims come to Braj to see places of interest associated with the transcendental pastimes of Lord Krishna’s childhood. Because of its proximity to Vrindavan, Jait is in a process to become a most popular destination for devotees, tourists and especially for children who would enjoy seeing this exciting past time of Krishna.

The Braj Foundation’s effort for restoration of Jai Kund

The Braj foundation identified this spot in 2005 for restoration. The de-silting of this Kund was done with the generous financial support of its Founder Chairman Mr. Kamal Morarka (CMD of Gannon Dunkerley Group Mumbai) who spent over 17 lakh rupees for the cause.

Post de-silting, Revenue Department, UP Govt. was approached to remove the illegal encroachments from its catchment so that the glorious state of the site can be revived. Afterwards barbed wire fencing was installed all around the periphery of the Kund to protect it from any encroachments in future.

From the MPLAD funds sanctioned by Mr. H. K. Dua, Rajya Sabha MP, a drainage system was constructed to divert the drains flowing into the Kund. A channel was also constructed from the same funds, to divert the over flow of the Kund.

Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation (Mumbai) has donated Rs. 50 Lakhs to support the renovation of this project. All this have accelerated the progress of the project with the work going on in full swing.

Proposed Development Plan

The Foundation’s architects have prepared the design to develop the site in an aesthetic way. Construction of ornamental gate, amphitheatre, a huge cave representing Aghasur’s body, dioramas of Krishna leela including the one in which Brajwasis are acclaiming the young Lord, ghats of the Kund for ladies and gents have already been done.

Drinking water facility for visitors, public utilities, information centre and public sitting places will be developed in the next couple of months. Fountains for its oxygenation, drip irrigation network and the path- way with gazebos etc. will be developed here. In addition, heavy plantation is under process so that in the first monsoon the whole premises would look beautiful and lush green002E

In addition we also propose to install Sound and light show, ornamental lights, heavy plantation, kiosks, toilets, guards and equipment room etc.

The Braj Foundation is trying to raise the funds to complete the remaining work of beautification. We need about Rs 3.10 Crores for this project. 

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Jait (Mathura) is a village situated on Delhi Agra road (NH 2), 135 Kms from New Delhi. This village is known for its historical significance which finds mention in Sanskrit scriptures. This route is the most traveled route for the tourists and pilgrims g

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