Ram Taal Kund, Sunrakh (Vrindavan)
Ram Taal Kund, Sunrakh (Vrindavan)

Project - Ram Taal Kund, Sunrakh (Vrindavan)

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Ram Taal Kund, Sunrakh (Vrindavan)

History & Legends of Ramtal

This ancient site is supposed to be more than 2000 years old as during the excavation of silt from the kund we could recover ancient bricks used during this period. The local ASI experts have confirmed this and have congratulated the Foundation's team on the historic efforts in restoring this site.

Ramtal is the place where Saubhari Rishi performed austerities for 1,000 years during Satyuga. He also did Yagya on the request of the then Ayodhya King Mandhata, to fight long drought in the region by pleasing the Rain God Indra.

Saubhari Rishi also provided shelter to many species of snakes in order to protect them from Garuda, the ride of Lord Vishnu. He also used to feed fish in Yamuna River, which used to flow by the Ramtal then. This also justifies using steel in Ramtal's foundation so as to protect it against leaching from Yamuna water. It further makes Ramtal a unique site so far discovered anywhere else in India.


Plight of the site

Due to the apathy of its devotees, this site was lying neglected for decades and had become flat field. With the fear of it being encroached, the villagers approached us to restore the ancient water body.

After signing a MoU, with the villagers, TBF got the financial support of Mr. Kamal Morarka, CMD, Gannon Dunkerley Group, Mumbai. The de-silting of this Kund was done in full swing. During desilting operations ancient bricks have emerged and an ancient foundation has also emerged. Our Architectural plan has been completed. It has now been developed into a beautiful spot.

Ram Taal during restoration

Development & Beautification Plan

The Braj Foundation has started it's desilting project w.e.f. Dec 2011. We propose to restore the entire kund, so to increase the water table and water retention capacity. An ancient well is also being preserved at this site as per the request of the local villagers. New plantation with traditional plants and trees will be done and the gardeners will be appointed to look after the plantation. The site was inaugurated on 21 Nov. 2016 by Sh. Kamal Morarka ji amidst active particiaption of Brajwasis, District Administration, prominent residents of Vrindavan and media. Now Ramtal has beautiful landscape and tourist facilities, with an upcoming Lilly pond in its centre. A Yagyashala (place of oblation) has been added to revive the legend of the place associated with Saubhari Rishi of Satyuga. He finds mention in most revered Hindu scripture Shrimad Bhagwatam. Ramtal was his place of meditation and so his stone figure has also been installed, in a most aesthetic way, under a 1000 years old Banyan tree. The site is 3 Kms away from Vrindavan on motorable Sunrakh village road and is already attracting large number of tourists throughout the day.

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Located in the village Sunrakh at Vrindavan, dist Mathura, this site can be accessed from NH- 2 at the Chatikara turning.

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