Rinmochan Kund (Goverdhan)
Rinmochan Kund (Goverdhan)

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Rinmochan Kund (Goverdhan)

History of the site

In our Hindu culture, there are four types of Rin (obligations/debts); Pitra-Rin, Brahma-Rin, Dev-Rin and Guru/Rishi-Rin, that a person acquires and must repay in his lifetime.

Pitra-Rin (Parental Debt) – Parents are responsible for our birth and upbringing. They take care of us and raise us with love and devotion. Thus we acquire pitri rin from them.

Brahma-Rin (God’s Debt) – We are indebted to God who gave us life. When a baby is born, it has no biases, no hatred or negative feelings towards anyone and has no bad habits. As we grow up, our ‘negative’ quotient tends to rise. To repay this Rin, all that the almighty asks of us is to come back to Him with the mindset that He sent us with – impeccably clean, serene and free of any negative values/thoughts/associations. It behooves us to not acquire any more, and to reduce the already present negativity in our lives, so as to reach the stage where we can repay God’s Rin by returning to Him, with the soul in pristine condition.

Dev-Rin (Debt towards the Deities) – Different deities give us food, water, fire, air and provide many other necessities of life, for us to be able to live a normal material life. To absolve ourselves of this Rin, we are to donate items of sustenance to the less fortunate ones amongst us.

Guru/Rishi-Rin (Obligations towards Teachers/Sages) – This is our obligation to the Sages who gave us the scriptural knowledge, to the Acharyas who translated it for us, and to the Gurus/Teachers who taught/trained us in different fields of knowledge/spirituality. The debt is repaid by disseminating the acquired knowledge / traditions, both in the realm of matter and spirit, to as many people as possible.

It is important for an individual to be free from all the four rins to get Moksha. We have conceptually designed the Rinmochan Kund, to have four small Ghats representing each of the Rins with cloaks and shilalekhs, the main ghat representing the steps of salvation. Rinmochan Kund gives us an opportunity to clear our debts in life.

Govershan Hill Parikrama Marg

Plight of the site

Being such a significant historic and Puranic site, this Kund became victim of urbanization and human greed. It was systematically filled with garbage dumping and gradually encroached by the neighboring property owners. The dirty drain falling into it was breeding mosquitoes and spreading foul smell.
As a result it lost its identity and disappeared in wilderness till the Mathura District Magistrate was approached by our vigilant team for removal of encroachments. Thanks to the support from DM, that with his team’s bold initiatives, most of the encroachments were removed in July 2015. Some area is still under illegal possession for which revenue records are being examined.

Rinmochan Kund before restoration

De-silting in progress

On 27th Aug 2015 the desilting operation of the flattend Rin Mochan Kund began amidst Vedic chanting. The District Magistrate of Mathura and the Chairman of The Braj Foundation along with large number of Brajwasis and team of Braj Foundation, performed the Bhumi Poojan and broke coconut to start the renovation of Rinmochan Kund. The de-silting operation continued for a few weeks.


Restoration and Beautification plan

The kund bed needs to be dug up to clean the deposit of plastic and silt. A sewer line needs to be installed to divert the dirty water falling into the kund to the nearby drain. The side walls and the ghats need to be repaired and wherever required reconstructed. Fencing needs to be erected at those locations from where solid waste is thrown into the kund. On 14th Oct. 2015, the foundation stone was laid by renowned Saint of Braj HH Siyaram Baba and Mr. Narayan Das Agrawal, Chancellor of GLA University, Mathura amid vedic chants and pujan. The restoration work of sacred Kund is being done in the fond memory of Mr. Gopikisan Piramal, with the generous financial support from Ajay Piramal Foundation, Mumbai.

Foundation stone being laid

This Kund is the place where Lord Dwarikadheesh did tarpan for his ancestors. Keeping the same sentiments in mind, our architects has designed the Kund in ‘Anjali’ shape which looks like joint palms, with stone cladded ghat on one side for devotees to perform oblation. A 9 feet tall idol of Lord  Dwarikadheesh has also been installed doing tarpan in the kund. This is the only idol of Lord in this posture, around the world. The development plan has been made by our architects after consulting the vedic scriptures, scholars, historian and analysing local folk traditions of the site.

The Kund has been dug to clean the silt and plastic deposit. A sewer line has been installed to divert the dirty water falling into the kund to the nearby drain. Fencing has been erected to prevent people from throwing solid waste in the Kund and its premises. Bilingual inscriptions in Hindi and English have been placed to enlighten the glory of the Kund to the devotees. A separate inscription with donors name has been installed near the entrance of Rinmochan Kund so that millions of devotees who visit this place round the year should remember the kind support in the noble cause. This might also earn the donor a fraction of punya or good deeds of the devotees visiting here.

Since water stagnation leads to quality deterioration, we make sure that Kunds developed by us have a regular circulation of water to ensure infusion of oxygen and fresh air into the water body. For example at Brahma Kund (Vrindavan) which was commissioned by us in 2009, the water is circulated through the lotus petals. Similarly at Rudra Kund (Goverdhan) inaugurated in March 2015, the water circulated through the Cow Heads. In the same spirit we have  created two levels of water bodies at proposed Rinmochan Kund. The central Anjali form of water body is few feet lower than the surrounding water body, in a semi circular form. Several Anjali forms of white carved marbel water falls has been installed throughout the inner wall. This will give the pleasure of feeling many tarpans at the same time in the holy Kund.

The Kund is now in its final stage of development and will have a solar energy backed pumping system to circulate the water between the two water bodies. The surroundings of the Kund will be beautifully landscaped to add charm to the pilgrims and visitors. The estimated cost of this project is about Rs. 2 Crores.

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