“Just visited The Brahma Kund with historic Sanjhi Mela. It was wonderful to see the restoration of this place, keep it up. Need devotees like you to decorate the Braj ”

Hema Malini Actress & MP Mathura

“Pleased to see the amazing work done by The Braj Foundation at Brahma Kund. Feeling fortunate to be a part of the ancient Sanjhi Mela. I convey my best wishes for such works in the future.”

Narendra Singh Tomar Minister Govt of India

“ब्रज फाउंडेशन मेरा सपना साकार कर रही है “

अमृता आनंदमयी माँ (अम्मा)

“भगवान की लीलास्थलियो के पुनरोद्धार के लिए जिस प्रमाणिकता, श्रद्धा व वैज्ञानिकता के साथ आदरणीय श्री विनीत नारायण जी निस्वार्थ सेवा कर रहे हैं वह अनुकरणीय है। द् ब्रज फाउंडेशन के सेवा कार्य से वृंदावन तीर्थ का गौरव देश ही नहीं बल्कि दुनिया में बढ़ रहा है। मेरी अंनंत कोटि शुभकामनाऐं”

बाबा रामदेव जी

"Some things are difficult to believe till you see them. The restoration of Brahma Kund done by the Braj Foundation, is an amazing example. The feeling of peace, serenity and beauty is unique to this place. I compliment Sri Vineet Narain and wish him the best in his untiring efforts to revive and restore the great spiritual heritage of Vrindavan.”

Alok Ranjan IAS Chief Secretary Govt. of Uttar Pradesh

कल्पनातीत कार्य किया है ब्रज फाउंडेशन ने , सदियों से नहीं हुआ था ऐसा कार्य ब्रज में

गोविंदानंदतीर्थ महाराज

“All glories to you! It was a great pleasure to see Brahm Kund. You are victorious. You will remain victorious. May God give you the strength to rejuvenate entire Braj.”

Padma Vibhushan Pandit Jasraj Ji

“The restoration of Brahma Kund is the result of the dedication and commitment of The Braj Foundation”

Susheel Kumar Tourism Government of Uttar Pradesh

“It’s a tribute to what can be done with people’s participation. An excellent initiative”

Atul Gupta, Chief Secretary Uttar Pradesh

“May Radharani give you the strength to decorate all the kunds of Braj like this.”

HH Ramesh Baba Ji Barsana

“This work will be praised for several centuries”

HH Radhanath Maharaj Chaupati ISKCON, Mumbai

“I had the opportunity to see the restoration of a heritage site (Brahm Kund) done by the Foundation. It is a commendable work done with great sensitivity”.

Dr. Subas Pani, Secretary Planning Commission of India

    Brahma Kund (Vrindavan)

    The ancient Brahma Kund at Vrindavan was fully restored and beautified by us in 2009. The same has become a much frequented tourist/ pilgrimage site. After 250 years, the presiding deity of Jaipur Sri Radha Govind Dev ji came to Vrindavan to inaugurate the kund . Every evening an impressive sound and light show is presented here to the audience.( not functioning these days)

    UP Tourism Dept. has released a beautiful colored poster of this site.

    Brahma Kund, it’s historical importance and restoration :

    Vrindavan has 8 ancient Kunds (water bodies) connected with Krishna Leela. All of them were in a pathetic condition. Situated in the heart of Vrindavan, Brahma Kund is the most revered site in Vrindavan. According to various scriptures (puranas) it’s glory is as follows:

    Glories of Brahma Kund

    Two serious attempt were made to restore the kund during the past 500 years:

    *In the 1600’s, Orchha’s (Jhansi) ruler Raja Bir Singh Deo, was the first to undertake it’s renovation.

    But by 1882 the kund was reported to be in ruins by the then British District Collector of Mathura Mr.F.S.Growse, who wrote in his book Mathura: A District Memoir “The Brahma Kund is now in a very ruinous condition, and the stone kiosks at its four corners have in part fallen, it's parts been occupied by vagrants, who have closed up the arches with mud walls and converted them into dwelling-places.”

    Growse had begun to effect a clearance and make arrangements for it’s repair when his transfer took place and put an immediate stop to this and all similar improvements he was undertaking in Mathura

    Pathetic Plight

    Despite such a glorious history this kund was in an abject state of neglect. It had become very filthy, with strong foul smell, as it was being used as dump site for the local municipal garbage carts for several decades. Despite the existence of many Sampradayas, famous Acharyas and Bhagwat Katha Vachaks in Vrindavan, with huge followings of wealthy disciples, it is surprising that none came forward to restore this precious heritage.

    The Braj Foundation Starts Restoration

    In July 2006 The Braj Foundation decided to restore it. We did not have resources to take up this mission. There were major encroachments over it's land on all the four sides and one of the Ghat had been converted into a home. Vested interests wanted to fill this completely to construct houses. The approach lanes were too narrow to take our heavy earth movers into it. Yet we started the work with our complete faith in Radha Rani and Shri Baba Maharaj, who started the work by symbolic kar sewa. We faced several hurdles during the 30 months of it’s restoration. The co-operation from the local people was minimal. There was no place to keep the construction material. So the work progressed with a slow pace. Gradually Mr. Ajay Piramal, the Chairman of the Piramal Group (Mumbai) was convinced by our sincerity and assured us the required financial assistance of Rs. 68 lakhs, which he released in three installments. For everyone's delight the natural aquifers opened up after de-silting the Kund, which is perennially filled with natural sweet water.

    Dioramas of Great Goswamis

    Braj Foundation has rebuilt the four Ghats and installed life sized stone sculptures of Shri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu, Rupa Goswami, Sanatan Goswami, Raghunathdas Goswami, Raghunathbhatt Goswami, Gopalbhatt Goswami, Jiva Goswami, Krishnadas Kaviraj, Bilva Mangal Thakur, Bhugarbha Goswami and Loknath Goswami besides Meera Bai and Karmaiti Bai. Followers of the Brahma Gaudiya Sampradaya will be very happy to learn that this is the first time in the history of Braj that life size vigrahas of these exalted saints have been installed anywhere in Braj. Devotees everyday come here to chant, dance and offer their obeisances.

    Octagonal ghats with steps were built and sculptures of fish and turtles were kept on the steps to give it a natural look. An 8 ft high Brahma sitting over the 13 ft wide lotus flower has been installed in the center of the kund. Each petal of the lotus throws the pond water back into the kund. This is to ensure regular oxygenation of water. It makes a beautiful fountain for the viewer’s delight.

    39 stone plaques of 5ft.X 3ft. have been installed on the walls of the kund to describe it’s history and also to give an opportunity to the visitors to read the Sanskrit Shlokas of Brahma Samhita.

    Sound & Light Show

    Ornamental lights focusing each feature has been installed to illuminate the kund. Running commentary of 18 minutes duration is played for your pleasure when you do the parikrama of the kund. A properly manicured attractive garden is maintained around the kund .

    Foundation’s camp office has been established at the site to assist the visitors and to look after the maintenance of this most attractive site in Vrindavan.

    Transcendental Bhajan Evenings and other such colorful functions are often held at this site. Those willing to organize such programs need to make advance booking with Braj Foundation’s field office in Vrindavan.

    Historic Opening by Lord Radha Govind Dev from Jaipur

    On 10th Feb 2009, The Braj Foundation dedicated to public the restored Brahm Kund. Lord Govind Dev, presiding deity of Jaipur City Palace was invited to inaugurate Brahma Kund. Accompanied by 500 devotees from Jaipur, Govind Dev Ji arrived with much gaiety and fanfare. Even Nature welcomed Their arrival by a rain shower for a few minutes. Hundreds of saints and thousands of Brajwasis descended on the route to welcome Shri Radha Govind Dev by throwing rose petals and offering artist. At the steps of the kund, Odissi dancers, greeted the deities with transcendental dance. With illumination and jubilation the Brahma Kund looked like heaven descended on earth.

    Star TV News and others gave live coverage of the same and people said, “We have never seen such a grand Lok Arpan (dedication) Ceremony in Vrindavan in the past forty years.” HH Ramesh Baba and HG Anjan Kumar Goswami Ji and HG Manas Goswami Ji (Jaipur) unfurled the plaque of dedication on behalf of Shri Govind Dev ji. 

    Best Maintained Kund of Braj

    To ensure proper maintenance of this magnificent site we have taken several measures. The financial support for this is being given by Ajay Piramal Foundation, Mumbai. In his visit to Brahma Kund on 15 Feb 2012, Mr. Piramal was very satisfied with the upkeep of the kund.

    The gates of the kund are open only from morning till evening. Our security guards and gardener take care of its garden and upkeep. Every evening melodious aarti is performed here by international devotees.

    Souvenirs of Brahma Kund can be obtained from our Camp office at the site.

    Besides thousands of visitors everyday, several important personalities and celebrities of the country have visited this Kund and recorded their appreciation:

    With all humility we want to draw your kind attention towards the fact that no other kund in Braj is being maintained with such minute care and perfection. This is something for you to examine before you believe us.