History of the site

Braj is the land of forests. There were 137 tanscendental groves in Braj. Out of which only 3 have survived rest have been reduced to dust. The Braj Foundation has restored two new forests and has done detailed survey of 75 such sacred groves. Remaining are being surveyed. Out of 137 forests, 12 Van, 12 Upavan, 12 Adhivan and 12 Prativan are most important. Braj Foundation, has prepared a geographical location map of each of these forest. Today their size varies from 3 acres to 550 acres. On the initiative of The Braj Foundation a policy guideline to facilitate the restoration of decadent forest of Braj has also been issued by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Gahvar Van (Barsana)


Phool Bangla or Grove revival?

History of the site

Devotees spent lacs of rupees everyday on floral decoration of temples, which becomes garbage the next day, but do not consider restoring these krishna Forests. Once revived these groves will please devotees,other living creatures and saints for centuries. As information about these forests were not available anywhere, The Braj Foundation engaged the experts of Pune based BAIF to execute a scientific survey along with our team. Today we have so much survey and other data that we can assist you in developing these forests in a most professional way.

Landscape Designing

Now to restore these forests, well known landscape designers have prepared the developmental plans for us. As and when financial and administrative support is available, these forests of Braj are being revived.

Currently, the restoration works of some of these forests have already been undertaken and is at different levels. For the restoration and preservation of these forests, the lack of necessary administrative direction posed severe problems. The Braj Foundation had several meetings with the highest level officials of UP Government and as a consequence the cabinet of UP Government has passed a new law in this regard. This is as per the directions of the MOEF.

Gahvarvan, a major grove, situated at the foot of Brahmagiri hills in Barsana, has been completely restored by the Braj Foundation with the help of sponsors like The Indian Oil Corporation. Irrigation facilities are in place to ensure perennial water supply to the trees and plants. 

Similarly, the Foundation was also instrumental in reviving the Ruchil Van in Mathura. Awaiting the clearance from the UP Govt. the Foundation plans to restore the following forests of Braj;

  • Uddhav Kyari, Nandgaon
  • Darshan Van, Badhauta
  • Vihar Van, Ral village
  • Vrindavan, Vrindavan