Heritage Sites on braj hills identified

History of the site

72 Kms of Braj region is of hills, which is primarily located in the Rajasthan part of Braj. These hills have numerous heritage sites which are scattered all over and are unknown to millions of visitors coming to Braj. In 2005 The Foundation’s special research team headed by Mr. R Tester from Cambridge (UK) started systematic research of these forgotten heritage sites situated in Deeg & Kaman sub division of Bharatpur district. We have surveyed and prepared a satellite map of these sites. Now we are looking for sponsors to develop these sites with proper signage, brochures, route maps, and basic facilities.

Gahvar Van (Barsana)


Revival of Green Cover on Braj Hills

The Foundation is also devising an extensive program to transform the 18000 acres of hilly terrain of Braj, into lush green pasture lands and forests. The Foundation is working towards meeting the challenges of global warming and climate change and proposes to tap carbon credits for it’s a forestry work. 150 acre Ratnagiri hill in Brasana area is being revitalized with the help of financial support from UNDP and local community.

On the initiative and written proposal of The Braj Foundation, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India had sanctioned a project for the regeneration of the entire hilly region lying in the vicinity of Nandgaon and Barsana in the year 2006. This project has been executed by the Mathura District Admn.